switch module with per-switch on/off signal output

I’m using the switch-18 module from BogAudio, pretty simple - just takes one input and splits it to 8 switchable outputs.

I need to send a reset message when the switches are set to ‘off’.

Is there a module that has individual on/off signals per-switch?

I actually don’t need 8 switches, one would do!

Like this:

[ INPUT ] ==> { SWITCH } ==> [ OUTPUT ]
                    | ==> { ON SIGNAL }
                    | ==> { OFF SIGNAL }

i’m not sure I have understood, but I know there are many ways to accomplish that with LOGIC modules (and or xor not …and so on).

first way that comes to my mind is something like that:

this VCV’s GATES module is polyphonic as well :wink:

Thanks for that.

I should have explained what I was trying to do since the rising / falling voltage thing doesn’t work for repeated pulses such as MIDI clock. Anyway - found an easy way with Manual Gate:

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