SVG panel designer made with React

I know there is Inkscape and other great vector tools. I took a slightly different approach.

I like to code and web is one of my many homes. So I used React to create an environment where I code my UI. This can and most likely will be extended to a full editing experience. The window on the right with the Rack Module is Chrome, Just running this on macos in splitview without Toolbar.

Would there be interest in something like this:

This allows to create interactive components. SVG if you take some time is not so hard to unterstand. You can till create components in vector tools and export to svg then import into your code.

This may be something for users who are more comfortable with code than with design tools. You can even import the ComponentLibrary, but I didn’t do that, create your own components or use a Free one like RUIL: Design Library for VCV Rack Modules

The red vertical lines are the rack units. The grey thick lines are 1cm, thin lines are 1mm. The display above is the current cursor position in mm when you hove the mouse inside the Rack Module.

The copy button copies the svg code and you can paste it into a svg file (download could also be implemented). text objects are convert with the commandline using inkscape in headless mode.

I didn’t implement a pan/zoom yet (matrix transform on the svg), but I have code I could use for this. Just using browserzoom right now.

Another Idea for this would be to create Interactive manuals


Looks interesting Rainer…


I’ve improved the workflow a bit, albeit I haven’t been able to configure automatic import of the svgs like I want them to have. But as workaround I convert the svgs to react components (which is roughly the same as svg +/- some syntax differences).

create-react-app is capable of doing this already. The problem is: I have to have an svg element in the svg file all the time, but I just want to use fragements like path or rect or g. In or to be able to modifiy the position i need to pass this file some attributes, but this is exactly what is failing.

I had a look into @svgr/webpack which is used under the hood by create-react-app but haven’t been successfull.

So what I did in the meantime is using svgr as a cli tool to convert the components.

Just in case here is a webpack expert on the board. Maybe he can help out with this.

This step is necessary in order to position the components, otherwise I can’t set cx,cy or the transform method on a group.

Nice touch to it: svgr uses svgo to optimize the SVG, but this also means you should always position your components at 0,0 otherwise svgo is optimizing the transform into a path … On the other hand you can deactivate optimization. Anyway.


If someone need want’s to colab or just doesn’t want to spent time on UI write me a message.

This allows me now to easily compose whatever parts of the UI is in different modules in almost no time.

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Just in case someone needs a reminder, how easy it is to work with SVG directly: