Suspending PurrSoftware Meander Public Development

Please be advised that I am suspending my public development effort for PurrSoftware’s Meander module.

I’m very sorry to hear that - Meander is a unique beast.

What does this mean, specifically? There will be no updates to the version in the VCV library? There will be updates, but they will be closed source? I know you aren’t trying to be ambiguous here, but words… :wink:

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That is a great pity, for me, and surely many others, and there is certainly a reason for it. May one ask for it?

this is really sad, I hope you’re well

and thanks a lot for all your efforts and your very great module

It just means that I will not be updating the VCV library. No other changes are planned. I may still continuing developing Meander for my own use.


That’s all I’m going to say about this. My reasons should be evident to anyone who has been paying attention.


sad news

Meander was an original and unique sequencer

I wish you well and I will continue to use and explore Meander’s unique capabilities.

Bear in mind that this means it probably won’t be updated for compatibility with Rack V2 when it is released.


sorry to see you go. Not sure what happened, assume it is related to the whole Aria debacle. :frowning: