Surprising Rack Performance on Dell with Intel Graphics

Just as a datapoint, I had a work laptop checked out for a trip and messed around with Rack on it. Don’t have the exact specs, but basically a Dell with Broadwell I5, and Intel graphics.

I turned down refresh to 30fps (because I always do that anyway) and it literally had NO HICCUPS even on pretty substantial patches.

Does this square with other people’s experience? I was frankly surprised, this was a middling business laptop from a couple years ago but it worked like a champ.

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Up until last month, I mostly ran VCV on a Dell i5 with an NVidia gpu. Both vintage 2009. VCV saw major performance improvements for me when 1.0 came out, though the graphics were still slow. Of course, I was running 4096k blocksize.

  • Paul “Uncle Chrome” Artola