Suitable Smoke replacement?

This is from southpole that is apparently a dead company since 1.x. I am following a tutorial video, and nothing I found was as simple as it, and I can’t seem to correlate to any of the ones that I tried being I am brand new to all of this.

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I think you can still use it by manual install.

There are unofficial builds for Rack v1 available. Besides that „Smoke“ is just a smaller version of „Clouds“ as far as I know.


Besides the unnoficial builds, I think Supercell has most, if not all, of the alternative firmware versions that Smoke has.

Well, the problem is, as I said, smoke is in the tutorial and I could not get those to work. It is my limited knowledge but just jacking wires in where it looked the same just did not work.

Did you follow the instructions I linked in my post? It explains how to install plugins manually.

Then it works just not up on the main site yet (passing their approval)? I don’t want to blow something up.

Smoke is now installed.

Thank you. :smile:

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What ever happened to gbrandt1? I find some things in Southpole quite useful.

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