Suicide Ghostrider Synth

Hey guys! Any idea to recreate the ghostrider smashed farfisa???

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haha, that gave me a chance to listen to the song again. thanks.

Seems like the main thing is simple chords played through a really fuzzy distortion of some kind. You could start with my Organ Three plugin - but only use the octave drawbars, (8, 4, 2, 1), then find the nastiest fuzz you can find and roll off the treble a lot.

Gooood! Man i love your plugs! I was already planning the seq++ and the shaper to add dirtiness. I’ve just read an article where Martin rev said he used a farfisa, a big muff and a guitar amp, all cheap/used equipment from the seventies. Maybe i could pass it trough a real big muff, we’ll see. I also love that everything is glued to the nasty drum machine, the hihat sounding like air coming out a tire. I’ll try and post something. Thank you!!!

There are some fuzz box emulations. I think Vult and NYSTHi both have good ones? They might work better than shaper? Worth a try. And, yes, I know that Martin rev played a farfisa, that’s why I suggest Hammond with only the octave drawbars, it’s kind of close that way.

I just had a go and did both Vult and Nysthi. Vult Flame for gain and Nysthi Dynamo compressor for fuzz clipping. Give this a whirl:

Ghost Rider

I’ve coaxed some big muff like fuzzzzzz from nysthi’s rodentv2.

Judging by the name that must be an attempt at the proco rat?

I guess you’re not on windows ?

I don’t have most of those modules, so can’t audition .btw, download from dropbox - how many times can they possibly nag you to log in and and/or create an account?

Many, many times. But they’re convenient.

Will upload a sample shortly.

@modlfo @synthi


Ghost Rider-Sample.wav


PS: That’s no EQ, probably badly mixed, and is in desperate need of some reverb to make it sound closer, but I think it’s close.

oh, yeah, that’s really good! It kind out sounds like he’s playing “power chords” (fifths)? But that sounds really good.

They were supposed to play at my college in 1979, but of course they cancelled.

That’s what I thought, guided by how distorted the tone is - distortion often sounds bad with the third of the chord involved.


Great job man. The drum is a killer :stuck_out_tongue:. Sadly i don’t have flame and knock since I’M broke and use only free plugs :stuck_out_tongue: so i’ll have to rework it a little, but great job indeed

Vacuumba in Hora Processors(Free) might get you there for Flame. For knock any kick drum that you like will suffice (I just tend to choose it because I know it’s fire without much fiddling about) as long as it’s fairly loud so it gets clipped by the compressor.

Basal by Vult works well for the bass line too.

Vults trummor 2 - kicks like a mule :+1:

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