Success Using Arturia MIDI Controllers?

I was able to use my Keylab 61 Essential to control Rack last year, though I often had to reset it to factory settings so that it would connect properly.

The device still works in Live correctly, but I can’t get it to control devices in VCV 2.0. The ‘Host’ module recognizes a connection to the keyboard, but twiddling a knob fails to enact an answering twiddle onscreen. Resetting the device hasn’t help. Let me know if you’ve had this issue.

I think you have to change the knobs from relative to absolute mode to make the work. Or better use stoermelders midi cat and you can use relative mode with the keyboard.

Thank you, Thrstn. I’m already in absolute mode but I can try out MIDI Cat and see if it works better.

I retried Rack 1, confirmed that Relative knob settings are wonky, and MIDI-Cat works while VCV Map doesn’t. What is MIDI Cat doing better than VCV’s version?

Aaargh, in Rack 1.0 you could MIDI map by clicking the onscreen knob and THEN wiggling the physical knob. That doesn’t work anymore in 2.0. You have to wiggle the physical knob first. Why did they change this?