Substation v2.2.4 Update

Hello VCV community! Slime Child Audio has happy to announce another update to Substation, v2.2.4. This version includes some small performance improvements to the Filter module, and fixes the clicking/popping that can occur when using PWM with the Oscillator module.

The update is live on and will be landing in the VCV Library soon, so keep an eye out for it.

As always, please send us all the amazing things you are making with Substation, and let us know if you’d like them featured on the website!

Coriander V. Pines

Slime Child Audio


This is a really fine set of modules,. thank you for them!


this doesn’t appear in the library for me and can only see v2.2.3 … any ideas?

Check now.

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Thanks, can now see 2.2.4 and updated without issues :+1:

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This is pretty cool!

I love so much the package but I have an issue with the Substation’s sync. I have tried to sync a clock from another but I can’t (tho the cable from Base to Sync is blinking in the tempo of the first clock). It is a bug or am I doing something wrong? I am newb to VCV. Thank you!

SYNC Input

A rising edge received here re-syncs the clock. Following a sync, both BASE and MULT reset to the beginning of a full pulse, starting HIGH.This port is useful for syncing to other external clock modules. As long as the module receiving sync pulses has a tempo equal to or greater than the rate of incoming pulses, output pulses are synchronized.TRIGGER INPUT: 0V to +10V (rising edge)

for me insta buy, when it came out, and using it now in tracks. great sounds. one of VCV finest module-series.


Thank you for your input. I’ve read the manual beforehand but don’t know how it is done in this manner (rookie). I have tried with 2 substation clocks, with lfo and with impromptu (but I would love something more like fluid lfo movements of the tempo)

in that case, why not just use the ZZC clock,. that one has a V/Oct input for tempo. as well as phase for many many other uses.


Thank you. I will look into that one. Seems interesting.