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Hello, from Cuba. VCV rack don’t show me the subscribe button for installing new modules per brand like usually I do, and I’m log in the app and the main page. I’m a Mac user. Thanks. :slight_smile:

The library for subscribing is online at:

Yeap, there is not showing me the subscribe button.

You have to login. Upper right top of page.

I’m already logged.

Other than logging out and back in or clearing your web cache, I"m out of suggestions.

The problem remains. :,(

try using firefox if you are using chrome (or vise versa) , clean the explorer cache, disable add blockers, use a vpn (to bypass local locks) or stop to use it (if I m using a vpn some page buttons are slow to show up and sometimes need refresh the page )

Thanks bro. I will try it

I had the same issue and it was due to a vpn, once it was off everything worked fine

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Still there… :,(

noup don’t work it all

I live In Crimea, a lot of stuff is blocked here.I turned on the VPN and the subscribe buttons appeared. Pretty messed up of them to block stuff like that