SubmarineFree WM-101: WireManager

The SubmarineFree WM-101 WireManager is now available on my github master branch if you want to compile it.

It needs a few more days of smoothing, then I’ll submit a new version for the plugin manager.

This replaces the Submarine Utilities Wire Manager from v0.6


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

I just discovered the submarine Logic State Analyzer. It’s amazing! It’s now my second favorite module.

I was thinking about the possibility of having multiple sets of colors defined in the Wire Manager, and quickly swapping between them.

I don’t want people to pipe up and say ‘Yes Please’ just because I’m asking…

Is there genuinely an appetite for something like that?

I was thinking about the ability to save your currently list of colors, to name it, and to quickly swap from one to another.


If swapping prests would not change already assigned colours in a patch then it would be very useful.

I like to work with custom colours and am learning to try to apply them consistently in a patch. It would (hopefully) be less mouse clicks to switch between, say, 3 groups of 4 colours, than scroll through a list of 12, when I am trying to use one set of colours with say, samplers, and another set with, say, VCOs/Synths. Selecting Preset 2 for Samplers would be less confusing than trying to remember that orange comes after mauve in a long sequence.

Hope that makes sense.

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just yesterday I thought how good it would be to have more sets of colors available, for me the perfect handling would be to open several instances of WM each with a different set of colors

It could make for a nice feature.

I was about to propose this.

I use three groups of four colors (as mentioned in another discussion) and being able to switch among those groups with a keyboard shortcut would make cabling much faster.

Are there any examples of modules with keyboard shortcuts. I’m not sure how to do it.

Global shortcuts are not possible, only if the module is selected keyboard events are raised.

Thanks, that was what I thought.

So would it be possible if a module was under the mouse?

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Added to github for tracking:

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My 2 cents:
I always used your plugin to identify (for example) VCO input/output, LFO I/O, clocks and different kind of modules to have a visual track of the data flow so yes, to me it sounds a damn good idea because when the patch start to be huge and messy I can have a “at glance” sight of “what flows where” and I can recall multiple set of cables to manage the flow of data among multiple modules.

Reds (and shades of red) are usually my inputs
Greens (and shades of) are usually my outputs
Blues are for randomizers
Pinks are for LFO
Yellows are for clock
And so on and on…

More than an appetite, I’d call it an hunger.

Just tidied the thread a bit. Everyone is welcome to post here as long as discussions stay relevant to the topic and do not diverge.

V1.0.4 is now released. The WM-101 has some new features.

  • Double click on a colour to choose that colour for the next cable you add or move.
  • Color collection presets can be saved and named
  • SkwareUawe’s nifty trick Submarine WM-101: WireManager Nifty Trick! still works, but there is also the option to restore colours on undo.
  • Function keys on hover can quickly select wires (use Shift) or use preset collections (use Ctrl or Cmd)

Neat & Cool! :smiley:

Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Très pratique (very handy) :slightly_smiling_face:

We should share our collections, rackheadz!! :star_struck:
My guess is that \Documents\Rack\SubmarineFree\WM-101.json is the collection file, right?