Submarine WM-101: WireManager Nifty Trick!

Hello rackeadz!
I don’t know how many of you have noticed it but there’s a cool little trick you can play with the Submarine WireManager to quckly color your cables! :smiley:
I made a video here about it (it is the first time I record my own voice, cringe level = 1 GIGA! I am not used to! :confounded: )



This is actually a glitch. But I was aware of it. Version 1.0.4 has an option on the settings page, so although I fixed the bug, you can choose to keep this behaviour if you want.

V1.0.4 also has the option to quickly color one wire. If you double click on a color, the the next wire you add or move gets set to that color. So you can just pick up one end of the wire and put it back down again.

Andrea’s technique is a lovely way to recolor several wires at once.


I will definitely keep it because with the CTRL+Z keyboard command I can recolor multiple plugins really quickly without risking to lose the connections (something that happened to me lots of time) and because… Well, I just think it’s useful! :smile:

BTW, nice option you put in the 1.0.4!! :+1:

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Great find, looks really useful. I haven’t used this module before but I definitely will do now.

No cringe at all with your voice, I really appreciated the audio. I have subscribed and hope to see more cool tips!


Woah! Thanks a lot for the support! I hope I will find something else as much useful as this! :smiley:

And thanks for the subscription!


Thanks. This will be super useful for color coding cables according to their function.

I also subscribed. Really appreciate you sharing this technique. Already tried it out and it works fine.