Sub modules

Could be great if we could create modules (containing custom patches) with custom faceplate_

Just like functionnal programming

Could simplify things…And give bigger projects

I’m 200% sure that I’m not the first who have thinked about that


I’ve certainly thought about it.

But not for long. I think there would be some pretty difficult struggles around the fact that Rack uses various global state, the primary being APP. It’s hard for me to reason how we could run a second headless rack when they would want to compete over APP (the threadContext).

I think maybe what you’d want to do is have a module that could read a patch, and load up all the modules and wire them up, but without actually placing them on the Rack. Then the hypothetical module would be responsible for basically simulating all the behavior and operation of a real Rack in pumping calls to the module’s audio functions, etc.

Anything’s possible, just a matter of effort.

Although I haven’t tried it myself, I think using the beta RF module from the packtau pack in combination with Teleport, Patchmaster and Prefabs, we sort of have this functionality now.