Students survey for VCV Rack users!


I am a student at a music production university in Berlin, and in context of this semester’s final assignments, I want to conduct research on VCV Rack and the community that has grown around it.

Me and my friend have already interviewed Omri Cohen, Leonardo Laguna Ruiz (VULT modules) and Jake Huryn (21 kHz modules) and are extremely grateful for their contributions!

Now, my colleague and myself thought that we’d like to have yet another perspective on VCV Rack and its users, so we created a google form with a couple of short questions. It will take about 3 minutes of your time.

Here’s the link to the form:

We will also share our work with anybody who’s interested!

Thank you very much for your time and help, and happy patching :slight_smile:

Marc & Sam



Also done.



take a look in #lounge for the Mapping the community topic I started… that might give a good idea of how widespread the community is :slight_smile:


Already done! :slight_smile:
search for Fausto…