[Strippin’ Through Time] Day 5: DigiVibra (Poly Synth) - free strips from free modules

Day 5: DigiVibra (Poly Synth)

Hello everyone! I love to make strips of Rack modules that are useful as modular bits to quickly throw together functional patches. It seems I like to make these strips more than actual full patches, so I’ve decided to clean up and release a new strip from my collection every day until… who knows!

This one was my attempt at a vibraphone. Instead of trying to make it sound like the instrument I went with a digital “vibe”. You can adjust the tremolo with the parameters on 8FO, and messing with Debriatus will change the sound, the “digital” effect is essentially just the bitcrush.


  • Type: Poly Synth
  • Polyphony: Polyphonic
  • Audio: Stereo
  • Other features: Velocity sensitive

[POLY] DigiVibra (poly,vel,stereo).vcvss (14.0 KB)

For some reason the demo video is taking forever to process at Facebook, but when it’s done it should be available here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vcvrack/permalink/503941693599313/

Required (free) plugins:

If you use one of my strips in your patch give me a shoutout! Also I’m always looking to make the most CPU efficient strips so if you have ideas for improvements in that area I’d love to hear it.

License: Do whatevertheheck you want, I reserve the right to call you bad names if you maliciously steal credit for my work.

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