Strings & Arpeggio

Putting some modules from Squinky Labs & Friends through their paces in a simple chordal structure provided by modules from Amalgamated Harmonics. See the YT notes for details.

Comments welcome, as always.

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Dave Phillips


That was amazing! Good one Dave

Thank you, Jim, I’m having immense fun researching the capabilities of these modules. I never cared much for programming softsynths but I’m fascinated by the possibilities of VCV Rack’s modules. I’m spending more time with the Scope and NYSTHI’s tuner to clarify my designs, and it is amazing to me what can be done with the simplest tools. Thanks again for checking out my work. :slight_smile:

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Lovely piece Dave

Thanks, Lars, you are always appreciated ! :slight_smile:

What’s actually generating the notes for the strings/pad (not the arpeggio)? Because it sounds like you playing a keyboard, but I can’t see that in the patch…

@LarsBjerregaard The Progress module generates the chord sequence. :slight_smile: No keyboards here, I’m a guitarist by trade.