String machine

I was watching the second part of the “Bright Sparks” documentary and decided to try making something similar to Ken Freeman’s three oscillator string machine. I really don’t know if this is up to stuff, but I though I’d put it out for folk to play with. I’d welcome ideas it might give you.

strings.vcv (21.4 KB)


Revisited your patch after watching this:


A super easy way to get some of these sounds is with a “super saw” kind of VCO. My “Saws” is pretty popular.


One thing my patch did that wouldn’t be done by a supersaw is have the individual “fiddle” vibrato somewhat out of sync. The LFO FM for each gets run through a bog CV delay. That’s a little different than a simple detune.

The Chaos on the E340 “wiggles” the each of the 2/4/8 VCOs differently.

Yes, that’s pretty cool.

E340 is a very nice module, but that’s not quite the same sound. Listen to my preset please. It was carefully based on Freeman’s description. E340 doesn’t do quite the same thing.

The chaotic E340 saw sound is suggesting a way of making a nice brass choir.