strange graphics effect on vcv rack v2 using pixelRatio in settings.json

in settings.json
when setting “pixelRatio” to a fraction number (e.g. 1.5)
then there appears some strange graphics effect
(watch the ports and knobs moving horizontally after moving the module)

it also appears on integers (e.g. 2.0 and zoom set to 71%
or 1.0 and zoom set to 141%)

an advantage over Rack V1 is that Rack V2 graphics are less blurry and text on modules is more readable even if zoom factor ist very low

I’ve had (have) much worse graphics artifacts than this, starting when V1 was introduced.

fonts and graphics are rendered differently in the module browser and in the rack in v2:


The numbers marked by the blue circle are created in the module widget using a font.

The text marked by the red circle is part of the SVG file and converted to curves (it looks like text but it isn’t text).