Stoev Projection is now released

Hello everyone,

Happy to announce the release of Projection - a dual geometrical sequencer / CV recorder module based on geometric transformations. It can generate two variable-length sequences, chain and transform them in several ways, producing new musical material. It can also record two CVs and do the same with them. You can use it as a sequencer, a CV recorder/looper, or a stepped modulation source. Even try it as a wavetable oscillator.

Stoev Projection v2.1.0

You can find more information here: Stoev modules for VCV Rack - Stoev Lab

And you can get Projection here: VCV Library - Stoev Projection

This is a simple generative patch featuring Projection, playing nicely with the other Stoev modules.

Happy music making! :slight_smile:


congrats on this new entry to the library :+1:

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