Stoermelder's PackOne v1.3.0 - new modules MAZE, ARENA and more

As some of you know I’ve been developing some utility modules for Rack v1. The plugin “PackOne” is available in the Library ( and you can find manuals on my GitHub repo ( The plugin contains currently these modules:

  • 4ROUNDS: randomizer for up to 16 input signals to create 15 output signals
  • 8FACE, 8FACEx2: preset sequencer for eight or sixteen presets of any module as an universal expander
  • ARENA: 2-dimensional XY-Mixer for 8 sources with various modulation targets and fun graphical interface
  • BOLT: polyphonic CV-modulateable boolean functions
  • CV-MAP: control 32 knobs/sliders/switches of any module by CV even when the module has no CV input
  • CV-PAM: generate CV voltage by observing 32 knobs/sliders/switches of any module
  • INFIX, µINFIX: insert for polyphonic cables
  • MAZE: 4 channel sequencer running on a 2-dimensional grid
  • µMAP: a single instance of CV-MAP’s slots with attenuverters
  • MIDI-CAT: map parameters to midi controllers similar to MIDI-MAP with midi feedback and note mapping
  • ReMOVE Lite: a recorder for knob/slider/switch-automation
  • ROTOR Model A: spread a carrier signal across 2-16 output channels using CV
  • SIPO: serial-in parallel-out shift register with polyphonic output and CV controls
  • STRIP: manage a group of modules in a patch, providing load, save as, disable and randomize

Recent builds for all platforms can be found at my GitHub-repository:

New in 1.3.0

  • Module ARENA
    • New module, 2-dimensional XY-Mixer for 8 sources with various modulation targets and graphical interface
  • Module MAZE
    • New module, 4 channel sequencer running on a 2-dimensional grid
  • Module 8FACE
    • Revised panel design with combined LED and buttons
  • Module 8FACEx2
    • New module, 8FACE with sixteen preset slots
  • Module µINFIX
    • New module, 8 port variant of INFIX
  • Module µMAP
    • Fixed meaningless tooltip on Map-button
  • Module MIDI-CAT
    • Fixed velocity-handling on note messages if in toggle-mode (does not need vel 127 anymore)
  • Module STRIP
    • Added utilization for Rack’s undo-history on cutting strips and pasting/loading-strips (#11)
    • Added utilization for Rack’s undo-history on enable/disable or randomize if triggered manually (#11)
  • Module ReMOVE Lite
    • Added option to start playback automatically after recording
    • Added SMTH-parameter for linear smoothing especially on jumps at sequence end and sequence change (#14)
  • All stoermelder-modules are now shipped with updated panels and minor layout fixes

New in v1.2.0

  • Module 4ROUNDS
    • New module, randomizer for up to 16 input signals to create 15 output signals
  • Module SIPO
    • New module, serial-in parallel-out shift register with polyphonic output and CV controls for skipping and incrementing on sampled values
  • Module 8FACE
    • Added option to switch between left and right side controlled module (#50)
    • Follow voltage standards for Rack (ignore SLOT for 1ms after trigger on RESET)
  • Module µMAP
    • Added option to invert output (#46)
    • Selected voltage range (-5V…5V or 0V…10V) is also used for OUT-port
  • Module ReMOVE Lite
    • Value is set to the mapped parameter when using IN-port for recording (#48)
    • Added EOC-mode for OUT-port (#47)
    • Follow voltage standards for Rack (ignore SEQ# for 1ms after trigger on RESET)
  • Module STRIP
    • Changed LEDs to triangle shape
    • Load and save dialogs default to “patches” folder of the current user (#41)
  • All stoermelder-modules are now shipped with dark mounting-screws, improved jack-ports and handy trimpots

New in v1.1.0

  • Module MIDI-CAT
    • New module, mapping module similar to VCV’s MIDI-MAP with midi feedback, note mapping and cc pickup-mode
  • Module 8FACE
    • Using additional worker thread for applying presets to avoid engine deadlock on some modules (especially using parameter mapping)
    • Added trigger modes “reverse”, “pingpong” and “random” for SLOT-port
    • Renamed “Clock”-mode to “Arm” for SLOT-port
    • Added option to autoload first preset on load of 8FACE presets
    • Fixed unusable SLOT-modes “0…10V” and “C4…G4”
  • Module µMAP
    • Added ventilation holes on the panel to prevent overheating
  • Module ReMOVE Lite
    • Added playmode “sequence random” which walks randomly through all sequences
  • Module STRIP
    • Added button INC/EXC for including or excluding specific module parameter from randomization
  • Modules CV-MAP, CV-PAM, ReMOVE Lite, µMAP
    • Fixed crash of Rack if deleting the module while in mapping mode

New in v1.0.5

  • Module 8FACE
    • New module, preset sequencer for 8 presets of any module (docs)
  • Module STRIP
    • Added “cut” for cut & paste in the context menu
  • Module ReMOVE Lite
    • Added random automation-curves on “Randomize” of the module
    • Starting a recording generates an item in the Rack undo-history

New in v1.0.4

  • Module STRIP
    • New module, manage a group of modules in a patch, providing load, save as, disable and randomize (docs)
  • Module ReMOVE Lite
    • LEDs for RUN and RESET turn red when using PHASE-input
    • Added play mode “Sequence Loop”
    • Added record mode “Sample & Hold”
    • OUT-port can be used for monitoring while recording
    • OUT-port bypasses IN-port when selecting an empty sequence
    • Fixed bug when saving sequences with lots of constant values (compression-bug)

New in v1.0.3

  • Module INFIX
    • New module, insert for polyphonic cables (docs)
  • Module µMAP
    • Fixed bug causing “damaged” module panels (array out of bounds)

Think some kind of a smooth functionality would be great to avoid steps when the recording loops, a lag knob?

Looks good! Maybe an option to adjust the replay speed?

You can use your own playback speed when using the PHASE input: Just hook up the saw-output of LFO-1 and adjust it :grinning:

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Oh, cool

I Like the ReMove concept,
but I feel the need to have control of the recording through the mouse button:
when the Rec button is armed,
the recording waits for it to move the control to start recording
and stop recording when I release the mouse button on the control.

It would be nice to have an option for this and CV for the recording and sequences,
I hope I explained it well.

For selecting sequences there is already the SEQ-input, which can be used either for 0-10V input or keyboard C4-G4 for sequence 1-8 or as trigger for skipping to the next sequence.

As for recording: Currently there are two modes, one is called „Instant“ which starts recording immediately, the second is called „First Move“ and starts recording on first change of the knob. On my todo list is a „Touch“-mode, which starts recording on mouse press and stops on mouse-release. I have yet to figure out how to do this.


I will look at your code and study the new APIs,
then I will be able to see if I can recommend something to do …

Oh wow, this is very interesting! It took me a few moments to understand what it means, but wow, very cool!
I’ve just downloaded the Windows build, and it works. I hope to try this more deeply in the evening.
Thank you for this!


Very cool dude.

Even if probably its against a real “porting” from virtual to hardware.
Not sure what @Vortico think about this :slight_smile:

Anyway… I’ve a question: would it possible to introduce a “trigger out” when rec start/end?
So we could sync recordings with the start of some session (i.e. start a Kick when I start to rec/modulate some param).

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I as far as I know is Andrew working on a CV Timeline module which is a sort of arranger for CV items. The idea is that Rack should work as a standalone system without need for a DAW.

Trigger out for recording is no problem. I just have to look how to add it to the panel.

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Linux build here:




Thanks :wink:

Updated to test-build 1.0.1c, added docs for ReMOVE. Links in the first post.
Only bugfixing will be done until release as v1.0.2 in a week or so.


If anyone wants to test the ReMOVE module before release to VCV Library:
Recent builds for all platforms are now available at my GitHub-repository!


Thanks for the modules Ben!
It seems to me that the pingpong mode doesn’t work in Remove module, is that normal behavior?

Hi! It just tried it and it seems ok. Can you elaborate a bit more?

ok, works for me now, I just have replaced phase input by simple RUN trigger and now it works)

Yes, when using PHASE you have full control of the playhead, so PLAY, RESET and the play modes are inactive. Have fun :slight_smile:
Connect an LFO with triangle output to PHASE and you get the same as ping pong mode!

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Thank you, I lose this moment before! Now I realize that zzc modules have on board, especially reverse button in the clock module, it just reverse the saw actually)
By the way is this possible to implement monitoring through the IN input in the future? I am asking because I am interesting in looping notes from the midi keyboard…and not only. It will be nice to hear what CV is doing with the knob before we gonna press Rec button.
And another thing that came to my mind today - is that possible to merge VCV mapping from Midi map module and from Remove in one knob? For example I gonna map midi controller knob to cutoff knob but I also want record an automation loop with the help of Remove, so it will be nice to combine these operations in one, it seems to me very handy especially in live situations!