Stoermelder's PackOne v1.0.0

As some of you know I’ve been developing some utility modules for Rack v1. The plugin “PackOne” is available in the library already ( and I’m going to write some documentation on the next weekend which will be on my GitHub repo then (

  • CV-MAP: control 32 knobs/sliders/switches of any module by CV even when the module has no CV input
  • CV-PAM: generate CV voltage by observing any know/slider/switch of any module
  • ROTOR Model A: spread a carrier signal across 2-16 output channels using CV

Also I’ve been working on a new module called “ReMOVE” which will be available in v1.0.2 of PackOne.
I had so much fun working on this during the last few days and I’m proud to present you the first working version! As Rack v1 API/ABI been stable from today on I link the latest Windows-build for those of you without ability to build it yourself from source. If someone build it for Mac and Linux I’d be happy to add it!

ReMOVE is a knob/slider/switch movement recorder. You can attach it to any know/slider/switch on any module and record your mouse movements, then you can replay it or trigger its playback by e.g. a sequencer.
A brief feature overview:

  • direct recording by moving the knob/slider/switch or record CV input (0-10V)
  • different recording modes (touch, move or manual)
  • adjustable recording precision, store every 8th, 16th, 32nd… 2048th value
  • up to 8 different “sequences”, with manual control or selectable by CV (0-10V or C4-G4 or trigger)
  • different play modes, currently loop, oneshot and pingpong
  • PHASE input (0-10V) for directly controlling the playback rate and position
  • additional CV output (0-10V)
  • tiny gimmick display :rofl:

Full documentation:

The module is not finished yet and I still have some ideas I want to add. This module will be called “Lite” and maybe there will be a bigger version sometime in the future…
Feel free to test and let me know what you think!

Updated download link to v1.0.1b (fixed potential crash on record start, added record mode “Trim”)
Updated download link to v1.0.1c (fixed several bugs, revised panel, added many features, module is feature-complete)


Think some kind of a smooth functionality would be great to avoid steps when the recording loops, a lag knob?

Looks good! Maybe an option to adjust the replay speed?

You can use your own playback speed when using the PHASE input: Just hook up the saw-output of LFO-1 and adjust it :grinning:


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Oh, cool

I Like the ReMove concept,
but I feel the need to have control of the recording through the mouse button:
when the Rec button is armed,
the recording waits for it to move the control to start recording
and stop recording when I release the mouse button on the control.

It would be nice to have an option for this and CV for the recording and sequences,
I hope I explained it well.

For selecting sequences there is already the SEQ-input, which can be used either for 0-10V input or keyboard C4-G4 for sequence 1-8 or as trigger for skipping to the next sequence.

As for recording: Currently there are two modes, one is called „Instant“ which starts recording immediately, the second is called „First Move“ and starts recording on first change of the knob. On my todo list is a „Touch“-mode, which starts recording on mouse press and stops on mouse-release. I have yet to figure out how to do this.


I will look at your code and study the new APIs,
then I will be able to see if I can recommend something to do …

Oh wow, this is very interesting! It took me a few moments to understand what it means, but wow, very cool!
I’ve just downloaded the Windows build, and it works. I hope to try this more deeply in the evening.
Thank you for this!

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Very cool dude.

Even if probably its against a real “porting” from virtual to hardware.
Not sure what @Vortico think about this :slight_smile:

Anyway… I’ve a question: would it possible to introduce a “trigger out” when rec start/end?
So we could sync recordings with the start of some session (i.e. start a Kick when I start to rec/modulate some param).

I as far as I know is Andrew working on a CV Timeline module which is a sort of arranger for CV items. The idea is that Rack should work as a standalone system without need for a DAW.

Trigger out for recording is no problem. I just have to look how to add it to the panel.

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Linux build here:



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Thanks :wink:

Updated to test-build 1.0.1c, added docs for ReMOVE. Links in the first post.
Only bugfixing will be done until release as v1.0.2 in a week or so.