stoermelder's Idea und Development Thread

Oh wow, I must have missed that one, looks great!. Yeah, it’s already a long way towards my idea, except for having fixed zoom-levels built-in, rather than being able to specify them.

Really useful! Not the same as my request but looks great.

Ok, done. I think this is it for today :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks so much! works beautiful with Touchosc, feedback are wonderful. Still dreaming for hotkeys sometime to not into menu diving pretty much but take your time please) You are really did biggest deal in midi mapping for just today!

Ok, added.

I’ve added this ability with a new option.


Ben, thanks a lot for MB module.

For me it makes all the difference and greatly adds value to the module browsing experience.


@stoermelder Hi Ben, just noticed the Green preset for the glue module has not a green color but blue - #1ba8b1

Ok, one evening of work, may I present: MEM, a storage unit-expander for MIDI-CAT mappings!
Workflow needs still improvement, though…



Is it full of RAM chips???

Absolutely. I first took some EPROM but that didn’t work out that well :laughing:

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My first commercial software was on “window chips” (as we called them).


Yay! So this is stored presets for mappings? Also after the mapped module is deleted?

Yes. I designed it as expander as it works as storage unit for mappings of unlimited modules which may be reused later. You can store in MEM one mapping for each module-slug and apply the mapping on MIDI-CAT for any instance of the same model.
The workflow isn’t that great right now, I need to think about this more.

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Short description how it works:

  • Do your mapping of a module in MIDI-CAT how you like it.
  • Place MEM right of MIDI-CAT.
  • In the context menu of MEM you find an option „Store mapping“, in the submenu you find all module-slugs which are currently mapped in MIDI-CAT. If you mapped only one module in MIDI-CAT there will be only one item.
  • After you store the mapping it is listed under „Available mappings“.
  • If you like you can repeat this process and create a mapping for another module-slug.
  • When you press the button on the panel the cursor changes to a crosshair and you can point to a module. If MEM contains a mapping for its module-slug it will be loaded into MIDI-CAT.

Brilliant Ben, you are a hero!

Hi Ben,

Is there / could there be a way for 8Face to treat a module and its expanders as one module and therefore be able to control both?

If that is not possible, might it be possible to get 8FACE to ignore an expander it is placed next to (via say an “ignore expander modules” menu setting), such that it controls the main module on the other side of the expander?

Scenario is: a main module which has expanders on each side, and wanting to be able to control the main module in the middle with 8FACE / 8FACEx2 - or even better control the main module and both expanders with one 8FACE.

Given that strip can access and save the settings of modules it is not placed directly next to, I’m wondering if there is a way for 8FACE to do the same?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi again Ben

So, I’m kind of hesitating to write yet again, because I don’t want you to get the feeling of us making too many demands on you. So this is just to ask “are you even interested in hearing about this?” (or if some other developer listening in is).

Thing is, for quite some time now I’ve had a pretty clear idea and picture in my head, of what the Rack module browser really should be in my mind, a real power-browser, but realistically it’s not going to be me making it, that’s for someone like you, or someone else. But… I’m hesitating to just write it here, because it’s going to be a long write-up, with lots of details for the picture and the idea to be clear, and it’s going to be a lot of work implementing it. But I think it could be “some next level shit” and I would personally love to have it.

So Ben, just tell me “not interested”, or if you are curious, whether you would like me to write it up in this thread (probably not), or in a seperate posting for you (or others) to take a look at.

No pressure, totally understood, and all that…

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I think it would be handy to be able to randomize a single parameter this way. :+1:

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Thank you so much for MB. I had stopped using vcvrack for months because of how difficult it had been to find modules at 4k. MB makes it pleasant to use again, thanks!


Added :+1:

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