stoermelder's Idea und Development Thread

Yeah, please add Keep midi assignments and map option please) Also any hotkey to this would be nice. Also hope this option can send new midi feedback info on controller when remapped. Otherwise now it’s super dope, thank you very much! But I also have some suggestion in my pocket) And now I’m thinking on suggest you right click option per saved slot which can sounds like “don’t overwrite this mapping when map other module”. Something like that. So the use case for it when we try to use at first just one oscillator, then we correctly setup it via midi controller but still need to keep one or two knobs in our focus but other controls don’t needed. So we set those option to don’t overwrite mode to prevent of automapping and then map other “keeped midi assignments” and then repeat it if needed and so on. Like that we can bring some really lively patch and than take your new 4x and transit and making some arrangement with those saved knobs from automapping :wink: It may sound like a detective drama or so but in real life I always intend to something like this.

I thought about that before and came to the conclusion that it would be easier to use just another instance of MIDI-CAT and leave the mappings you want to keep in the first one. Wouldn’t that work for your use-case?

yep, why not. Need to test it though after you would make cc keeper option. Just one disadvantage came to my mind - I would delete more mappings than I want to set on “don’t overwrite” and that’s pretty much all. But can’t say in advance for sure

Seing how well my first suggestion went down, I have another suggestion/idea/request, now that you have nothing to do Ben (just joking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

I would love to have a “fixed-zoom-level-chooser” module.

It’s a little global/system type module, that allows you to specify a number of Rack GUI zoom-levels and then immediately jump to those. For those of us who desperately rely on the zoom feature of Rack, this would be very handy. Explaining it a bit from my usage perspective:

So, on my computer my “normal/default” zoom-level is 134%. Sometimes it’s necessary to zoom in further, e.g. on a module with particularly small fonts, let’s say to 160%. Other times it’s really handy to zoom out, say to 80%, to get the big patch overview. Now this can be done today of course, by manually using the slider in the View menu, og by using CTRL-scrollwheel, and then navigating around. But it can become tiring and cumbersome, especially to hit the desired focus/center point of the screen, together with the right zoom-level. What I would love to be able to do instead, is something like this:

I place the Stoermelder zoom-level module in my patch (well, I would just have it in my template). In it’s text-box at the top I type in “80” and click the “store zoom level button”. A line with a zoom-level-setting of 80 now appears below. I type “134” in the text-box and click again. Now another setting line with 134 has appeared below the “80” line. I write “160”, click again, a new line appears, etc.

Each zoom-level line/setting is automatically bound to a global key-stroke. CTRL-1 for the first setting, CTRL-2 for the second setting, etc. When I want to use a particular zoom-level, say “134”, I hover my mouse over the part of the GUI which I want to be at the center of the screen, when the new zoom-level is applied. I then hit CTRL-2 on my keyboard and the screen immediately zooms to 134%, and the place I hovered my mouse is at the center of the screen. I can do that for all my defined zoom-levels.

For me, this would be a great productivity booster and pleasure enhancer. I have no idea whether this is technically feasable, but it seems that the components of this functionality is already implemented in different parts of Rack.

Anyway, suggestion only, when/if you find the time, think it’s worth it and would bother with it Ben, but I have a distinct feeling that this would make a lot of people happy.

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Hm, did you try STROKE? It does already some of what you describing, except for arbitrary zoom levels.

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GOTO might also be interesting for you…

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Oh wow, I must have missed that one, looks great!. Yeah, it’s already a long way towards my idea, except for having fixed zoom-levels built-in, rather than being able to specify them.

Really useful! Not the same as my request but looks great.

Ok, done. I think this is it for today :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks so much! works beautiful with Touchosc, feedback are wonderful. Still dreaming for hotkeys sometime to not into menu diving pretty much but take your time please) You are really did biggest deal in midi mapping for just today!

Ok, added.

I’ve added this ability with a new option.


Ben, thanks a lot for MB module.

For me it makes all the difference and greatly adds value to the module browsing experience.


@stoermelder Hi Ben, just noticed the Green preset for the glue module has not a green color but blue - #1ba8b1

Ok, one evening of work, may I present: MEM, a storage unit-expander for MIDI-CAT mappings!
Workflow needs still improvement, though…



Is it full of RAM chips???

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Absolutely. I first took some EPROM but that didn’t work out that well :laughing:


My first commercial software was on “window chips” (as we called them).


Yay! So this is stored presets for mappings? Also after the mapped module is deleted?

Yes. I designed it as expander as it works as storage unit for mappings of unlimited modules which may be reused later. You can store in MEM one mapping for each module-slug and apply the mapping on MIDI-CAT for any instance of the same model.
The workflow isn’t that great right now, I need to think about this more.


Short description how it works:

  • Do your mapping of a module in MIDI-CAT how you like it.
  • Place MEM right of MIDI-CAT.
  • In the context menu of MEM you find an option „Store mapping“, in the submenu you find all module-slugs which are currently mapped in MIDI-CAT. If you mapped only one module in MIDI-CAT there will be only one item.
  • After you store the mapping it is listed under „Available mappings“.
  • If you like you can repeat this process and create a mapping for another module-slug.
  • When you press the button on the panel the cursor changes to a crosshair and you can point to a module. If MEM contains a mapping for its module-slug it will be loaded into MIDI-CAT.