Stoermelder: Stroke Issue?

Hi all. I noticed some unexpected, rather annoying behaviour in the Stoermelder Stroke module. I use it basically to stop/start and reset the clock in my patches from the computer keyboard and occasionally to trigger certain stuff. However when closing a patch and reopening it after working on some other patch Stroke isn’t working anymore. It has to be setup again from scratch. I was wondering if this is intentional behaviour or a bug? Thnx in advance for any enlightening info on the subject. Enjoy your day.

I can confirm that I experience similar problem sometimes (but not every time I close patch).

I`ve heard of this issue before but was not able to reproduce it.
Please keep in mind that keyboard events do only work as long as the mouse hovers over the “main area” of Rack. Events are not received when your mouse is outside the Rack window or hovering over the menu bar, for example.

Thnx for taking time to answer. I am aware of the ‘mouse-hovering-in-the-main-area’ issue. This is the case with other keyboard commands as well. I don’t think that this is the case here, however, and I’m almost certain that it has to do with some module or combination of modules in the patch where stroke is not working. I state this because the problem for me started only recently and I’m continuously trying other modules and because of the fact that my template patch, which contains stroke, is unaffected. I have no clue however how one goes about tracking such an “error”. Checking every possible combination of modules is like counting grains of sand on the beach; tedious and endless, so, not an option. If there’s any way I can be of help in this, please let me know. In the meantime I’ll try to keep an eye on things and if anything significant pops up I’ll let you know. Enjoy.

Defenitely not alone then. Are there perhaps any specific modules in the patches that show the errant behaviour? Just asking. It might be a clue as to what causes the problem. Thnx. Enjoy.

If you provide me a patch which helps me to reproduce the error I’m certain I can identify the cause.

Ok. No problem. As soon as I have a patch of which I’m certain Stroke shows the errant behaviour I’ll post it in this thread.

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