Stoermelder Remove: trigger EOC

Is there a way to trigger another remove when a recorded sequence ends? I’m wondering if I could use that first one to trigger an entire mix and tweakfest

@stoermelder might know.

There is no trigger at the end of cycle but there is a oneshot mode in the context menu.
Playmode > Oneshot perhaps it could make a nice feature!

Hm, there is no space on the panel for another port. But, I could add an option to switch the OUT-port to EOC-mode if that helps.


Record Output option to trigger EOC seems like the better option, as once a sequence is recorded most likely you don’t want to overwrite unless you are refining it. If the EOC is triggering another sequence of automation then it is likely that the first sequence is decided upon!

I think he is talking about playback, not recording…

Yes I know, the EOC option to output on the record output. Will it be in use when not recording?

If it is output on the playback output: if recorded automation ends on 10v then it would be impossible to send a trigger, no?

Ben said:

imho it means, that the OUT-port sends either recorded data or an EOC trigger, but not both

Exactly which is why I suggested the record output.

You could probably output EOC on a poly channel aslo, spilt the poly cable.

That would be awesome either way…

Now available in the latest version 1.2.0!

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