Stoermelder - MIDI-Cat

first off, long time VCV user, beginner still at best, and only now have found the Stoermelder modules. @stoermelder your modules are amazing! I had some issues with the MIDI assignment, total user error. but these are super fun to use.

one question/request re: MIDI-Cat, is it possible to hide the pop-up parameter update windows? I have so many going, it covers the screen. if it exists…I cant seem to find it. if it doesn’t, could that be a request if you decide to make anymore updates.

thanks again for these modules. game changer, at least for me. :+1:t6:

LATER ON: :man_facepalming:t6: Status Overlay.

your modules are :+1:t6: :+1:t6: :+1:t6: