Stereo Merger

Need a small module that will merge 8 stereo signals into one stereo signal.

“it’s called a mixer.” Yah. I know… long story…

Any help?


Thanks a lot. that’s a good idea.

However, is there anything more like this, but gives a stereo out, not one poly?

Maybe 2 of these, 1 for left, 1 for right?

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There’s a “Sum to Stereo” option in the MindMeld mixers (for when you have a poly cable in the L track input only). This will take all odd numbered channels in the poly signal and send them left, and all even numbered channels in the signal and send them right.

So if you had 8 stereo tracks in your poly signal it would merge them to a single stereo signal into the mixer.

Does that help?

EDIT - sorry - misread you OP - you are not starting off with a poly cable at all so this won’t help.

Adam’s suggestion above is probably your best bet.

only 6hp…


Perfect. Thanks so much.