Stereo Delay/Pan effect

Is there a stereo delay/pan effect that would mimic a moving sound source in a stereo recording. EG changing both volume and delay in response to two parameters, distance and location left to right? Preferably with a cv for each.

Hello there welcome. There are ‘Haas Delays’

VCV Library (

VCV Library - Edge Bad_Haas (

VCV Library - Sonus Dept. Pan in the Haas (

Would those fit your requirements/desires?

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Also worth mentioning is the $30 VCV developed SoundStage

Bad_Hass looks like it. Not much in the way of documentation though. I gather it has an input for the mono signal two outputs for stereo and two inputs for control voltage, one being delay and the other Pan.

True it does look very simple in construction but not sure what it sounds it produces though. If it works, please let m know. Any audio would be good as well.

I like simple for modular. In theory it could get complex, emulating the amount of delay and decay as well as frequency filters, but in practice the sound reproduction is problematic.

Hello again, sound reproduction=recording in VCV Rack is usually not a problem- Nysthi has some great recording Modules for all tastes. So it is all possible.

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It (bad hass) seems to work. I’m not sure that the delay line supports fractional delays, so the fidelity could be not so good. most delays (for example the VCV one) have a fractional delay. But it look like the “junk” is at a not super high level, so it might be fine?