Stellare Turing Machine: Isn't supposed to save sequences with the patch?

Hi Rackers,

I’m confused … I just made a small patch with Stellare Turing Machine, creating a sequence and blocking it with the “big button” turned to the right … I saved it, and I closed VCV Rack … When I started it again, the sequence had not been saved (in fact Turing Machine did not generate any sequence) … So I had to place the “big button” again in the center and generate a new sequence (which of course has nothing to do with the previous sequence :sob:).

My question is whether this is its correct behavior, or should the original sequence be reloaded with the patch the next time? … Could someone confirm if this should be like that or is it in fact a bug? … Thank you!

My System: VCV Rack 1.1.1 - Stellare Turing Machine 1.0.0 + MacOS X 10.13.6

AFAIK this is normal, I also learned the hard way.
ALAN the other Turing machine by SkyLights does what you want, better use that one,

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You can record the sequence from the Turing Machine into other modules like the Phrase Seqs, Foundry, there’s probably more. I think that this is the correct behaviour.


Thank you both for your quick response!


Yes i knew that from an Omri’s video, but it seems that each time i made something with Stellare Turing Machine in the past, the “big button” had been in the center that’s why i’ve not been aware of that until today :pensive: … I think i’ll use Skrylar Alan.