Statistics on Installed Modules?

I’ve created a few modules which are available in the user library. Does anyone know if there are statistics on how many people are “subscribed” to my modules?

Thanks, Bret

Used to be, recently changed. Perhaps it will make an appearance again if enough users or devs want it!

Thanks Phil. Just curious. I’m wondering if I would be a millionaire if I charged for a new module that I’m developing. My intuition tells me that I might make a few hundred dollars at best, which probably isn’t worth it to me. But I don’t always trust my intuition. :slight_smile:

Definitely won’t be a millionaire. Would get you the bread and cornflakes each week though! :laughing:

Ha ha ha. Yep, that’s what I imagined. In that case, everything will continue to be free and open source. I like that better anyhow. :dancing_women:


The download statistics in the past were useless. Everyone downloaded everything, and the only variation was that older things had more downloads, and things that started with ‘A’ did.

I would disagree. for new modules released, it helped provide a “lift rate” comparison with other modules at their same age. it was quite useful to help see if particular types of modules were embraced more quickly than other types.

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first time I installed version 0.6 I did so, but there were maybe…few hundreds modules?

about 1 year later I installed version 1.1, and there were much more…maybe 1 thousand?

installed few ones, tried them, and immediately deleted the ones I would not use. I know it’s quite annoying, but I think it is worth.

I think I learned the lesson dealing with digital stuff in the last 25 years with crappy computers :nerd_face:

Funny, i didn’t really do that, i started with just the fundamental, befaco , audible instruments and bogaudio. Later when watching vids from other rackers i would download plugins that had a module i was interested in, and that’s how i filled my ‘‘collection’’ :slight_smile:

What statistics would make them useful?

well, there would be privacy issues, etc, but number of unique patches module was used in? Something that reflects actual usage rather than just downloads.

Can’t see how this would be possible it would also be abused. I think an easier method would be number unique accounts that have a module enabled/disabled.

That wouldn’t be bad, but if a large number of people continue to install every module it won’t help. btw, my suggestion wasn’t completely serious, but how are you thinking it would “be abused”? Not disagreeing, just don’t “get it” yet.

I’m glad that VCV Rack isn’t a “commercial product”, but I will point out that virtually every piece of software has exactly those kinds of analytics on user behavior. I think most follow the laws of the country they are installed in, but in US it’s legal as long as you offer an “opt out”. Requiring an active “opt in” is better, and is also the law in many other countries.

You could create a multitude of patches just using your own modules, same way as the update could be abused by constantly updating your modules to bump them to the top of the browser (thankfully this is not the case with updates).

A basic stat of how many active users log in daily would help in that case, you could filter out the non active accounts and gauge an average. I hear what you are saying though somebody could just download all and never return to Rack. Usage stats/software analytics are opt out everywhere I think, so long as they do not use personal info they’re okay

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i like this idea. i started using rack at v1 and there were already a bunch of plugins. at first, i also started with the fundamentals and beyond that instead of looking through all of the available plugins i would look at the ones that were actively being updated and had alot of downloads.

i have to guess that the people who just download everything all at once dont really have prior modular experience so they dont know exactly what they need and dont need.

the ability to see which plugins/modules are enabled/disabled would be nice imo.

This is true, you would usually download what is popular. But with the lack of real popularity stats and or reviews of modules it is hard to gauge what you should be downloading as a new user. The new library makes this tremendously easy to gauge what you should download. (What looks appealing / interesting / has good GUI / descriptive / tool for the job). Even if you are a seasoned music producer or are just starting out with music production having experienced users opinions is something that is healthy for the whole ecosystem of Rack or any software for that matter, why is this so good is the question? (rhetorical) if it remains unanswered but you are curious then you either find out by using it or by looking at reviews.

Reviews or content that features a module is also very valuable information and can help or persuade any given user to adopt it in a patch, having every module featured in a patch is eventually going to happen with content creators, developers could link this in a manual or embed it on the library perhaps at some point, there are lots of videos dedicated to a single module or a patch built around a plugin.

Take a product on amazon as an example you would look at reviews and based on this you would decide to chance buying some arbitrary product; if it has low review ratings then it can persuade a purchase. The obvious difference is a Rack module is not a product for consumption but rather how useful it is and can be in any given patch. If a module does have a low rating then it is up to the developer to increase the rating or not by improving or not (fixing bugs etc, whatever the reason is for it having a low rating could be known to all involved devs/users)

While patches created with a module do dictate how popular it would be, it is user dependant of how popular it can be, for instance if the library had a star system per module regular users would possibly be the only users staring a module. i.e. average stars 3 out of 1 user, 4 out of 2 users etc…

agreed. personally i like the new library and am looking forward to being able to add modules individually.

Just chiming in to support. I think any information is useful, especially if it is the only info we can get about our modules and users. Loving the new library apart from this, hope it’s dissappearance is only temporal.

Any comment on this @Vortico?

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Well technically it is a Library category, 50/50.

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