Starling Via ATSR: Rack beta test


We are working on some new modules for the Via line, and we thought we would try out a new strategy for soliciting feedback for beta testers: making beta versions of the modules available in Rack!

Our first attempt at this comes in the form of our new module, ATSR. Its a rather unconventional implementation of the classic ADSR envelope that should be easy to learn and fun to explore. The preliminary beta version is now available in Starling Via v0.6.2.

You can find documentation here:

Since this is a development version, some features are not perfectly implemented. These are noted in the documentation and will be fixed in the next version.

If you use it and have some feedback, we encourage you to reply to this thread letting you know what worked for you and what didn’t. Certain design decisions are locked in (constraints imposted by the analog side of the Via platform and the faceplate design, as we had to get that into the hardware production pipeline). As such, some suggestions, even good ones, may not be possible to implement, but we are nonetheless happy to talk about your experiences. If this goes well, we will try to get the Rack version of future modules out even earlier so that all aspects of the design are able to be revised.