Starling: Live Stream Replay

Here is the replay of yesterday’s live stream, exploring the Starling collection -

It was so much fun that we ended up building 4 different patches, each patch concentrating on a different module from this collection. I’m really happy that the developers of the Starling modules could join the stream and share some insider tips.

I’ve been watching some of the video, but it’s quite long :slight_smile: Still, these modules are really interesting. Could you make some sort of summary of what you found out?
-what did you use the modules for?
-what interesting insider tips did you find?

I find the official documentation of these modules a bit hard to understand.
Thanks, Joop

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Hi Joop!
Yeah, it was fun so it was hard to stop patching…
I have to say, these modules are very deep, and I didn’t really manage to explore everything what they’re capable of. I used META as a percussive sound, but also as an oscillator and a low frequency oscillator, I used the GATE SEQ as a sequencer (of course…), and scanner to create weird wave shapes and texture. SYNC was also very interesting because it creates this divisions of the sound source so you add sub harmonics and weird overtones. It was great, but as I said, they are way deeper than this, and they are for sure not you typical “plug and play” modules, which I kind of like I have to say.
I think that the tip I can give is, learn the basic functionality, which is the same on all modules (analog inputs, logic outputs etc. ) and experiment with the available presets first before starting with the manual. I hope to record a few “official” videos also, we will see how it goes :slight_smile: