Starling: GateSeq Tutorial

A few weeks ago, the developers of the Starling VIA collection for Eurorack released a “try before you buy” version for VCV Rack. All 4 modules are available, and in this video, I take a closer at the GateSeq, a Euclidean sequencer with 2 independent sequences that run in parallel and has many interesting features like S&H, a logic output, 4 different directories for each sequence, 2 analog inputs for extra signal manipulation, and much more. I hope that this video can give you some idea on what this module can do if you’re interested in buying this module as hardware, own it already, or just want to have some VCV Rack fun. Don’t forget also to explore the built-in presets!


Thank you! It was excellent as usual.


I’m glad you enjoyed it, thanks!


Lovely, gotta try this one myself!

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Yeah, it’s a very nice module!