SSM filter?

Hi, I’m working on some old-school sounds, and would like an SSM filter, in particular the 2044. I can get part the way there with other filters, but I’d like something that mimics its behaviour in some classic synths. Do we have an SSM2044 in VCV Rack?

In eurorack hardware, there’s the Doepfer A-105.

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Oh, that was a nice sounding LPF. We used 8 of them in the Voyetra-8.

I did see that when I was researching, and thought of you :wink:

We always thought it was to most like the minimoog filter. Anyway, I don’t know of anyone other than Vult who can do accurate modelling in VCV. There are several filters that claim to be moog ladder emulations, and some of them are probably pretty nice, if not exactly like a 2044.

Thanks. I’m using a Vult for now, but it would be a bonus if someone reproduced the characteristics of the 2044.

A quad version of the Doepfer A-105

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I got 8, but you can’t have them.


I have been dreaming of getting these 2 doepfer modules the past couple months (A-111-4 & A-105-4), they sound amazing, maybe one day…

That would be cool :slight_smile: