Squinky Labs educational stuff is back!

Yes, I hid this stuff before 2.0 came out. but finally changed my mind and made it public again. Here it is: GitHub - squinkylabs/Demo: A collection of code and articles of interest to VCV users and developers.

There are some readme files in there to help you find stuff. But here’s what’s there:

How to make a polyphonic VCO. There are three different ones - the final one is super efficient and uses very little CPU. These VCOs are all “made from scratch”, without helper.py. So if anyone wants to find out how to do that, now that is is undocumented, take a look.

The final VCO uses the VCV SDK’s simd library, and fast approximations. You will find this a nice, gentle intro to simd, as it is very simple and small. It also shows how to avoid DC on the output without using a high pass filter.

There are some plugins not quite ready for prime time: an oversampling distortion. Again, very simple, uses mostly stuff in the VCV SDK.

Then there are a bunch of articles:

Plugin Licensing Issues

Using the CPU meters in VCV Rack

Effect of delays using Host plugin

Writing efficient plugins

DC on module outputs

Measuring aliasing. Deep link into demo VCO documentation

Comparing FM and Phase Modulation

Portable Sequence Format for clipboard


@dan.tilley here’s the stuff I was telling you about.

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Who are you and what have you done with the real Bruce?

All these helpful and positive posts recently are making me very suspicious… :wink:

More seriously - very glad to see you make this stuff public again. It’s an amazing resource :slight_smile:


Great, thanks very much

haha - we will see if evil me comes back - that could easily happen.

Semi seriously, though, now that I don’t care about making ppl use my own plugins I get a little less wound up about this stuff. so…


I don’t understand why more people don’t use them, they’re awesome.


Excellent news Bruce! Glad you changed your mind. This is a valuable resource, thanks.

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This collection of documents was a good read when you first released them and is a nice refresher now. Thank you for re-releasing.

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Hi Bruce,
this is good news!


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Quite a while ago I made a couple of plugins to show how to do oversampling. A nice thing about these is that they use the VCV filters, rather than some more complex and bizarre technique. Anyway, I cleaned that stuff up and put in some documentation. It is the same Demo repo with all the other stuff.

If anyone finds mistakes / typos / etc… feel free to log a bug or send me a message.


Seems interesting, thanks Squinky.

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