Squinky Labs Chebyshev - VCV Rack Tutorial

(Omri Cohen) #1

A few days ago, a new and improved version of the Chebyshev oscillator from Squinky Labs was released, and oh boy, it’s lots of fun! It has a few new controls like lag settings for the modulation of the different waveshapers and a semi-tone knob for tuning the oscillator in steps of semi-tones. It also has a few aesthetic improvements, and all in all, it sounds fantastic, and it’s very CPU efficient. In this video, I go through all of its features, and I build a patch, from scratch, utilizing them, demoing some of the things Chebyshev can do.

(Stef Zen) #2

Another great and very informative tutorial by Omri. If you have not watched you are missing out.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #3

Good one Omri, very informative! The key to Cheby is definately modulating the harmonics, I can see that. You can get some really lovely bubbly sounds from that.

(Omri Cohen) #4

Thanks mate!

(Omri Cohen) #5

Thank you, Lars! Yeah, The harmonics can really add to a sound.

(Soothsayers) #6

keep the hits comming! thx again Omri

(Omri Cohen) #7

Thanks, mate! Cheers!