Squinktronix Harmony test feedback

I don’t think it will be harmonized “correctly”. For one thing, the rules for minor keys are much more complex, and came around after the common practice era.

For the trivial example I keep recycling, the 7 in a major key really wants to resolve to the 1. But the 7 in minor is ok to go down to the 6. But my program doesn’t know that. so it tries really hard to make G resolve to A, and almost never to F (In A-minor, that is).

Also most classical rules for minor use the “melodic minor” which has both 7ths in it, depending on what direction you are going. Totally over the head of my program, which doesn’t eve support harmonic minor at all.

But the notes will be in the correct diatonic scale.

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Yeah, this gets over my head with music theory. It all sounds good to me, so I should not worry about it.

It also sounds very good having Meander and Harmony playing together in the same root and mode scale.

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Apologies for the late response. That makes sense as the Random Sampler is most likely “listening to” the external clock before setting its internal clock going and subsequently sending triggers to Harmony. Not a bug then. Sorry!

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I am trying Harmony, just hooking a CV-Midi to the input. It’s instant church organist!

I wonder about maybe being able to change chord and root note via CV might be a good way to sequence.

I like the way the voices move. It can maybe replace my usual trick : VCV Chord into Probably Note with spread turned up. That just randomly offsets incoming CV to nearby scale notes, and you can control the ‘spread’ meaning how far notes get transposed. That introduces harmonic variation too, but not with the music theoretical stuff you’re building into harmony.

well, I guess it’s just another tool…

I’m a little reluctant to make it easy to change they key, because it really uses a LOT of cpu when you do that. It (Harmony) sort of expects you to set it and leave it.

It might work better to switch between different instances? But go ahead and try it… you can make those things very easily with even the VCV mapper, and for sure with @stoermelder stuff.

I think you usually build yourself? ATM “main” is where the releases come from. There’s bleeding edge broken stuff on branches, but…

of course if ppl really want to change they key while it’s running I might be able to do something less horrible…

I sequenced Harmony via CV for mode and key root using Stoermelder uMap. Works fine. I use a sequential switch. I didn’t notice high CPU spikes, but I wasn’t paying attention to that and heard nothing strange.

If anyone wants to play with my very complex test patch, here it is. This is a “Stay on I” piece with a single chord and lots of chord inversions and crazy Arpeggiator sequencing. Meander is involved. This has a slight error in that Meander mode and root does not match Harmony’s, but it still sounds very good, due to Am being mixed with Cmaj (whole tone scales).

Meander Stay on I with Squnk Harmony-1.vcv (13.8 KB)

Sorry for mispelling this and Squink in my patch file name. I had not noticed that until now.

heh, heh. Well, it’s true that with my current three modules you can easily be a) a church organist, b) an 80’s synth pop band, or c) Steve Reich, I’m hoping that some clever people will find other things to do with them. Now, me, I just do those three things. But I’m not making them for me, am i?

I’ll put this in this topic as it is part of my testing of the new modules Harmony and Arpeggiator along with Meander. In this song, Meander is creating a 12 bar blues chord progression in Am. The chord root note is sent to Squinktronix Harmony which is set to Am. The progression chord root notes are 4-part harmonized. The Harmony chords are sent to Arpeggiator where a melodic or chord arpeggiation is created. The Harmony bass note is sent to a bass voice.

If desired, the Meander voices can be enabled in the mixer to hear what Meander is sending to Harmony. It is interesting to enable the Meander melody channel in the mixer and hear Meander and Arpeggiator do a duet.

I included a number of Impromptu FourView modules to show what notes and chords are being played by each part. Sometimes FourView cannot figure out the chord and blanks out.

Squinktronix Song Maker with Meander-1.vcv (9.7 KB)

Oh, I think I forgot to put it in the changelog. There should be an option now in the context menu for sharps vs. flats preference. It affects the UI for note selection and the display of the score.

Had a little play with Harmony today and combined it with Arpeggiator. Liking it so far…


That’s cool!

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