Squinkly Labs 1.0.7 update

Release 1.0.7 brings two new features to Seq++. Most important is support the for the Portable Sequence Standard, which was developed by Entrian, Impromptu Modular, and SquinkyLabs. This protocol lets you copy and paste note data between compatible modules. At the moment that would be current versions of Foundry, PhraseSeq16/32 and SMS16, as well as beta versions of the imminent Entrian sequencers.

We also added a small feature, but it’s a huge time saver. The new “Hookup Clock” command will find the nearest Impromptu Modular clock and patch it in. The screen shot below shows what the command does. It found CLKD, patched run, reset, and clock lines, and set the clock multiplier to match Seq++.

In case you haven’t looked at Seq++ in a while, it is still very much like the MIDI editor in a DAW, and still lets you enter music very, very quickly (if you read the manual). But we have been adding a lot of features since it was first released, including MIDI file import/export, step recording from a music keyboard, and most recently “XForm” which are a collection of creative editing operations that know about musical scales and can create arpeggios, ratchtets, transpositions and inversions, all in your selected scale.


Sounds great Bruce, thanks! Will definately have to give Seq++ another look soon, sounds like it’s grown some really attractive features.

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Is it possible to change the tempo on that midi player? in real time

First of all, it’s not a MIDI player, it’s a full-blown sequencer. But, to actually answer your question, Seq++ is always drive by an external clock of your choice. So when we read in a midi file we discard all the tempo information. You are then free to program your clock any way you would like.

It seems more “modular friendly” to do it this way.


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