spot the problem -- v1.1.6 patch vs v2.06 patch

Did I miss an announcement

I discovered this today. I loaded an “older patch” from last year. It was time to dust it off and move it into v2.06. I was … surprised how different/badly the patch sounded in v2.06



can you see it? you should hear it … surprise!!!

Looks like Robert may have forgotten to keep existing port numbers unchanged when making the change that I requested to make Booty shifter stereo :slight_smile:


I think you are right.


@robert.kock ! :wink:


I’ll admit, @marc_boule it is a great request, thanks guys for looking into it :slight_smile:

oh,…a big shout out to

my ears and heart thank you

Oops :smiling_face:

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@robert.kock safe to re-patch? I ask cause if you’re going to update it, I’ll wait.

I am moving houses at the moment but fixed it for you. Have delivered it to VCV team, so depends on them when it comes available for you.

If you “fix” the internal port numbering (or whatever the concept is) so that old rack 1.6 patches import properly into rack 2, won’t that break any patches that anyone created in rack 2?

Or are you able to automatically detect an old patch and do the remapping as necessary in a way that doesn’t disturb new patches?

There are ways to detect that, but you need to plan them ahead of time. Once you realize you want them, it’s too late.

I assume you mean it is too late if you realize you need to make a change after the module has been released, which is what I am afraid of. I don’t understand how he can fix Booty Shifter to work with old patches without breaking new patches that work properly with the “bugged port” version.

Cool module BTW. I just started playing with it for the first time yesterday.

I think the the plugin version that was in use when a patch was saved is stored inside the patch. That should be able to be used to determine if the cables need to be switched when the patch is loading.

I there an API to read that? Never knew about that.

There’s a reason you never knew about that… After a quick look at the code, it appears that the plugin version that is stored in the patch may not actually be exposed.


That sounds like a very obvious improvement for @Vortico to make to the API, exposing the saved plugin version in the patch so the developer can use it for these kinds of corrective measures.

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