Spontex patches/music thread

Hi All,

So many contribution and knowledge shared in this community brings me to install and play with VCV rack. Lot of testing, tutorials, try out… COVID period helps me to find some time. I think I’m ready to share some of my patches with you.

Hope you’ll appreciate. Take care

Auto generative patch with lot of small modulations and voices. Hope you’ll appreciate


Hypnotique :slightly_smiling_face:

merci oOo


I’m happy to share another patch. I made it calm & chill.

Except the song arrangement I did to avoid playing with VCV while recording (my computer can’t afford both at the same time), it is mostly random.

Each recording provides another version of the song. Hope you will appreciate this one.

Take care & enjoy music !


Some really interesting sounds in there. Nice arrangement.

Thanks a lot !


I’m happy to share another patch.

Still calm and random.

I kept only 4 minutes of it but it evolves a bit.

Hope you will appreciate. Still improving. Please let me know your feeling with it :blush:

Take care and enjoy music !



I’m happy to share another patch.

Less calm, more techno, I was looking to provide different emotions with darker and brighter parts. I tried also to use only one voice module (LindenbergResearch - Woldemar) and HetricCV Contrast with it (idea from the weekly contest). I use FM-OP only for one effect. In case you would like to use the patch, the sample is built from the riser played backward.

Beware of the song length, you may think it will end in the middle but it’s a trap :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you will appreciate and if you noticed some improvment compared to my previous posts, your comments are more than welcome.

As usual

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I’m happy to share this new patch with you.

It took me some time to get the result I was looking for. Hours spent to design some sounds (even if you may not hear it :slight_smile: ).

As I discussed with some of you in the forum, this patch reach the limit of my CPU (75 to 90%) but I’m happy I could record it without any glitches

  • several pads
  • several voices
  • a touch of randomness

I hope you will like it. Your feedbacks helps me to improve myself.

As usual


Très beau travail, merlin :slightly_smiling_face:

Merci Marc, c’est très encourageant.

Mon prochain objectif, travailler le mixage pour aérer la composition, moins brouillon dans les pad.


After hours of tries and re-tries, I’m happy to share with you this song.

I was looking for a bassy, “gras”, sound surrounded by musical string and flute. Working on this patch was like going to the “small world” eurodisney show… I can’t get this song out of my head.

I hope it will make you the same :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun and do music

As usual