Specific value triggering ???

Is there a plugin that would wait for a specific value, e.g. of LFO, and based on that, would it trigger another modules? Thanx

I think it’s called a comparator. You set a threshold and when the signal is getting under/over it , it sends a trigger or a gate.


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For use with a LFO, you might find “Zero CV 2 Trigger” useful, as it will only trigger when the values cross from negative to positive and the other way around.


… yes … I wrote an LFO, but I need it to threshold actially … I’m going to try to apply it … thanx!

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cool thing … thanx!

HOU HOU HOU … it works perfectly! thanx again!

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Which one did you pick ?

I chose the boring looking count module, but I’m starting to realize that count modules have damn good utilities! (but i like pistachio skin of CM) I control the threshold of the PRESSOR with the LFO, and the COMPARATOR monitors the LFO values very nicely! I needed to produce sequences or sections during the two minutes of the LFO change, because I am experimenting with making a song without a main clock …

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