Southpole: Snake module availability in Rack 1.0?

Will there by a VCV Rack v1.0 version of the Snake utility module?

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I don’t know but Southpole stuff hasn’t been updated for a long time, maybe since 0.6.0 came out.

Good news everybody !

1.0 under construction in branch v1 - not yet released

(gbrandt1 Update 197918a 29 days ago)


Yeah, but last commit was like a month ago…
I’m starting to miss these modules a lot, I used them all the time.


Yeah I keep checking to see if it’s on the horizon :smile:

Like the others here I hope to see them in v1

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mac binaries

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win binaries


Do these have to be compiled or something? I extracted to my plugins folder and Rack is not seeing them. Thanks!

The Windows modules just showed up here after extracting the zip into the pluginsv1 folder. You have to restart VCV Rack if you didn’t already.

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Ah, I’d forgotten, when I install plugins manually, my security software quarantines the DLLs. I’ve got it fixed now, thanks

Thanks !