Soundemote looking for dev to convert our plugins to VCV Rack.

I hope this is ok to post this here. Rules don’t mention anything about it.

See company website:

We are just starting to come back to life after a few years of inactivity. We have secured business partners, funding, UI artists, and programmers. I would like help in porting our DSP to VCV Rack. Programmer only needs to know how to put the pieces together. I will provide DSP code and art assets.

E-mail me at with subject: VCV Rack development with your desired compensation. Resume is not necessary; any of skills/experience/links to examples in the e-mail message is appreciated.


Wow, especially this one looks like is bound to go hand in hand with the @Omri_Cohen album, The Geometry of a Mushroom!


I want this…


I have no clue when it comes to coding, but I would love to test them when the time comes…

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One little thing you might want to be aware of: Rack’s vector engine is rather limited, supporting only a limited subset of SVG features, with performance issues. You will probably find it difficult to just send your existing assets to a programmer and have them integrated in VCV cleanly.

(But on the other hand, in the VCV world, you’re mostly selling to sort of alpha nerd who doesn’t really care how good the module looks, only about its features)

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Good point. Btw, I’ve seen in some threads here that there are some people who pick their modules by attractive panels.

i think the natural evolution of Rack module UI is going to be more detail. some modules already have quite a lot of realism like Vult and it doesnt look out of place next to a more standard set of components.

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Well we’re not short of modules to choose from so why not?