Sonus Dept modules not showing

Th modules from Sonus are in the plugins page of VCV but are not showing in my VCV program!? Am I the only one with this problem?

They are listed as Sonus Dept. in the Rack 2 brand dropdown menu for me. 27 of them.

Yes, the free modules are there but not the commercial ones!?

@Caecos Let me guess: you’re on Mac?

this is weird

I can find (using google but not using the store search box) the Sonus dept Semiramis, it appear as updated 3 days ago, I owned it but I not get the update, (Also, I m on Linux)

could someone confirm it not appear using the search box?

That page you found via google, shows the version number as 1.5.0 So that won’t be available for VCVRack 2.0 until and unless the developer ports it.

more of this

it appear in the plugin list , as normal

you are right

(but is weird a update 3 days ago for the V1)

It’s not clear if the OP is using v1 or v2.

there is an issue with Mac builds so that the update (V2) has been delayed a bit… … I hope to solve the issues no later than next week

answer from the devs

For those who have the commercial modules, Valerio (dev) can email you the Linux and Windows version. The Mac shall be ready for next week…BTW I’m a Windows’user…

Greetings, sorry I saw this topic only now. I confirm that I encoutered some issues with the Mac build that I am currently trying to to fix. In the meanwhile, those who need Linux or Windows builds just send an email to with the account you used to buy the modules (and which ones) and I will send you the 2.0 version.

Please accept my apologies, hope to solve it soon. Best regards, Valerio / Sonus Dept.