Some more categories please


I would like to have some more categories to make it easier to post topics and find threads.

IMHO categories could be:

VCV and Hardware (everything about VCV and PCs, Macs, Controller etc.)

Patch Exchange (exactly that)

Collaborations (on patches, music…)

the stage … (share your Music, etc. done in VCV)

Competitions (VCV only!!!)

Everything else (whatever needs to be said, but doesn’t fit anywhere else)

… (to be continued) :wink:



+1 for the idea of a patch collaboration section.

My opinions:

  • “VCV and hardware” has too much intersection with “VCV Rack”.
  • “Patch exchange” has too much intersection with “Music”
  • “Collaborations” with “Music”
  • “The stage” as you’ve described is the same as “Music”
  • “Competitions” belong in “Music”
  • An “Everything else” or “off-topic” category should only be added if there is too much off-topic discussion elsewhere. In online communities, these are containment boards, not created before they are needed.

So I don’t feel any change is needed based on these suggestions.


Probably further categorization needs will emerge depending on the more or less articulation of future topics and discussions. Sure, the creation of new, pre-ordered containers beforehand helps to orient and keep organized posts, questions and ideas.
Anyway, could it make sense a Tutorial category?

“Tutorial” is too much intersection with “VCV Rack”. I can’t think of a mutually exclusive set of category definitions.

I understand. Got it :slight_smile:

An everything else Category would be nice - a place to just socialise and chat, not necesarily about rack, but maybe about other gear or something entirely different. Similar to how the “General NON-SYNTH discussion. NSFW.” Sub-Forum on Muff Wiggler. It would be nice to get to know each other better (maybe!)

I’m NOT for a general forum, especially a NSFW catch-all trash forum. Over time users who communicate/participate on similar forums such as Monome Lines and Orthogonal Devices get to know those who want to be know…through their writing.

I’m hoping this is able to develop into a mature and professional place devoid of the antics seen on far too many other forums.


Fair enough - I can see your reasoning, although I don’t think that a forum as mentioned would turn into what you forsee.

Just my two cents though, who knows :roll_eyes:

I am well aware of the potential for this to devolve into something subhuman, but if some of us with higher expectations can help set the tone we might be able to guide it through.

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and how about a pre written list of tag to choose from, that could cross any category:
hardware tag could gather things from devloppment category, but also video with hardware controller or eurorack posted in “music”. Tutorial could apply to both music and vcv rack section, …

A list to start could be
hardware, vst, composition, tutorial, challenge, patchfile, collaborations, eurorack, controller, bug report, beta release, paid module, patch example, …

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