(solved) VCV2 Glitches with external synths

Hi all ! I am using VCV Rack with external synths. In V1 of VCV Rack, all was fine. With the V2 standalone there are many glitches with my external synths, for information, the CPU level average is at about 15%. No problem of sound with these hardware synths with Live by example. Do you have any idea of this problem ? Thx !

You’re not being clear whether the problem is with MIDI or audio. If audio: Are you using the same buffersize and samplerate in the audio module in Rack, in both v1 and v2?

The problem is audio. And yes, buffersize (512) ans samplerate (44,1) are the same in both V1, V2 and my audio interface (presonus studio 1824 USB). Thanks for your question.

Try and increase the buffersize to say 2048 and see what happens…

:frowning: no change… the same problem. I think the cause is in the audio module of VCV 2 with the audio inputs. No problem with VCV1 and a buffersize to 256 ! In the VCV VST version with Live, I have no problem, the external audios are routed by Live. So don’t worry, I can play ! Thanks.

Assuming you’re on Windows - did you select the same drivers (ASIO, directsound, …) in both v1 and v2?

Windows, it’s right. For both V1 and V2 i use Asio presonus driver. This presonus audio interface doesn’t work with ASIO4ALL. Thank you again !

VCV 2.0.2 : problem resolved… Many thanks to developpers :slight_smile: