[Solved] Missing manual Stellare Modular Creative suite

Yesterday I purchased the Stellare Modular Creative Suite. Though an intriguing set of modules, sadly the manual is missing. The link in the context menu leads to a webpage with a 404 error, where used to be a pdf-manual. The developer cannot be reached.

I’ve seen the excellent video’s by Omri Cohen and Artem Leonov, but would also like to read the manual.

Is any of the community members who purchased this Suite earlier, prepared to share the pdf-manual via this forum?

yes you are right, the manual is missing, but the Stellare is a almost self explained modules, however you can write directly to them and request the manual , perhaps they are not aware about the manual are currently missing


Yes, I wrote the developer directly on that email adress, but -like the website and Facebook-page- it isn’t active anymore.


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I spoke to them on Facebook not very long ago.

As Ben mentioned, contact Sander. He can send you a link to the manual in a document form. I think it was a work in progress. Still useful though.

I received a link to the manual already from another community member immediately after opening this thread, but only now I see that that was a personal message and doesn’t show up here. That member wasn’t sure he could share the link in the thread because of copyright. If it’s ok I’ll be glad to post a link to the manual here. Thanks for the suggestions to get in touch with the developer though.

At the last update of the Creative Suit the link to the manual now works again. Thank you, @sanderbaancentrum.