Solar Drift - Patch from scratch no#0

Hi Rackerz.
Today I present a lttle patch where I try to get something similar to my favorite type of early electronic music between 70’s and 80’s. My childhood fascination with the music of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and many other musicians comes from those times when in the eighties in communist times when something began to change in Poland on Polish radio in the Third Program radio broadcasts of Jerzy Kordowicz “EL Muzyka” were presented. It was there that I heard these sounds for the first time, and it was thanks to these auditions that I could break away from reality. And it was the only one of its kind on Polish radio. Access to this type of music was limited. Over time, this has changed for the better. That’s why sometimes I sometimes refer to these climates in my music projects.

The inspiration for the creation of this piece, of course, was Omri’s last film about the Entropia module link to this video here:
Thank you Omri for all your tutorial video.

So that’s it, thanks for watching this video, don’t forget click the ok button if you like this. Or if want see more you can subscribe my channel. See You in my next movie.


Really nice patching Jed. I love this kind of music as well.

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