Skylights: Vactrol Wacky patch

It’s such a simple patch but does such a fascinating thing. I’m posting the image because it’s simple enough to make yourself.

When you frequency modulate an oscillator with itself, depending on the original waveform you add harmonics up to a point, then it starts bending the root pitch, then it starts turning into digital noise at the maximum modulation.

Feeding the 4 waveforms of a Fundamental VCO-1 into a Skylights Vactrol and then feeding it back into the oscillator’s FM input has the effect of making weird random slidey melodies. For a 4 module patch it generates some truly wacky output.


Took your patch as a bit of inspiration, along with a limited space [2 rows of 104HP], to give myself a fun challenge.

Liquidmind - Radio 104 [Soundcloud]

Streaming a patch inspired by this now here:
edit: finished streaming. Check my archives for the next 20 days for a recording of the screechingest stream.

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Great simple patch, many cool possibilities ! Patch the Turing output to the oscillator’s CV as usual for more fun, throw in some sync, modulate the pulsewidth too, et cetera ad ridiculosam …

Thanks for the patch ! :slight_smile: