Skylights Turing Machine: lenght knob doubt!

Hi guys,
I was comparing the Alan turing machine and the Stellare,
very simple patch with the turing output through a quantizer to a VCO input.

The thing I can’t understand is why with the Alan one when I turn down
the Lenght knob I just have less modulation with the pitch,
basically like using the Scale knob.
With the Stellare I have simply a shorter phrase I can loop,
which is exaclty what I expected :thinking:

Any idea anyone?

Both work as expected here.

Not at all here, unless I am missing something very obvious!

Have a look at this simple patch:

If you turn the Alan lenght knob down you see the cv range going down as well
while on the Stellare one the lenght doesn’t effect at all the voltage!

Don’t you experience the same behaviour?

I do, skylights is weird when choosing more/less steps.