Skylights: More Turing Machine Improvisation

Patch file here
Audio example here

I think I could have done this with a Stellare MusicThingModular Turing Machine, but somehow the way that Skylights breaks out the various bits use very useful.

As per usual, I kept adding things until it starts taking on a life of its own, and there’s loads of random modulation sources, largely with Matthew Friedrichs’ March Hare and Hot Bunny.

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And a second version of that patch – i.e. used similar concepts, but repatch from scratch.

One thing about using the Skylight Turing Machine is that it has a distinctive rhythmic ebb and flow in the trigger pattern.

One big difference between this patch is the uppermost voice (i.e. pitch) is actually a random sequence triggered by one of the Turing Machine bits – it does a S&H of noise and quantizes it to scale.

Chaircrusher – Instant Plaid2


It ought to be possible to use Adrift without an input signal,but with high turbulence. It should sample from the internal noise generator and add it to the “nothing” input, which would give you a new noise whenever you trigger Sail. I made it specifically to address the multiple S&H-from-noise workflow :thinking:


Wow didn’t know about this other Turing machine until now. Thanks!